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The New Real Estate Meetup Group

In our mission of educating residents of Black Hills, Rapid City, and surrounding communities about everything mortgage-related we give homebuyers the opportunity to arm themselves with information pertinent to their particular mortgage situation.In a relaxed setting that welcomes novices and mortgage experts alike, we discuss various mortgage-related topics that are centered around providing individuals with useful information that will put them on a path towards achieving their dream of owning a home.Each event has its own topic. Some may deal with VA loans while other talks are geared towards debunking myths about first-time home buying. Each event begins with about a 30-minute lecture followed by a Q & A session and a period of time where attendees can chat on a more personal level with Affiliated Mortgage employees.These events are typically accompanied by refreshments and snacks while attendees receive insider knowledge on all things mortgage-related. When you visit one of our events and chat with the top-rated mortgage brokers in Rapid City be sure to come equipped with questions and an appetite to learn about the nuances of the mortgage world as well as the tips and tricks you can use to your advantage in your hunt for a new home.

First-time Home Buyers

Speaker: Danny Battochio

Date: March 21st at 5:30 pm Event Details:

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VA Loans

Speaker: Sarah Bowswer

Date: February 20th at 5:30 pm Event Details:

Hands down, a VA loan is the best type home mortgage in the market. The benefits are numerous but the most salient perk is that no down payment is required for a VA borrower…

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Real Estate Investing

Speaker: Troy Trombetta

Date: November 29th 2018 at 5:00pm Event Details:

On November 29th, Real Estate and Mortgage experts and the Rapid City Area community will gather to present how to use real estate investing…

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